A(Live) Heart by Imani Sims

A(Live) Heart by Imani Sims

ISBN Complete: 978-1-943977-15-4
Title: (A)Live Heart
Author: Imani Sims
Publication Date: 10/18/2016

Imani Sims' magical (A)Live Heart brings the reader into a sacred space where language invites us to "gather in the living room and story-tell the dead exploits of Black women." These poems explore the political, the personal, the public, and the private, all while acknowledging a hardship of pain and an ever-present beauty and sensuality. (A)Live Heart is unapologetically built on the bones of Black women and is so powerful that when the poet says to "collect your demons," to "slay them with your teeth," we stand and listen. - JP Howard, author of Say/Mirror & Winner of the 2016 Judith A. Markowitz Emerging Writer Award