Avowed by Julie R. Enszer

Avowed by Julie R. Enszer

Author: Julie R. Enszer
ISBN: 978-1-943977-24-6
Publication Date: 11/8/2016
Retail Price: $14.95
6 X 9 / 104 pages

Bold and wise, compassionate and erotic, the poems in Avowed explore aspects of a contemporary lesbian life within a committed relationship and as a citizen in the larger community. The narrator celebrates (“We break a glass. Mazel tov! We cry”) and mourns her losses (“Sometimes, between three and four a.m./on a break from her game/of bridge, your dead mother visits.”). Riffing on Jewish liturgy, the feminist declares “everyday/I thank God/I was born a woman.” Avowed delivers a complex, sustained vision of intimate partnership while celebrating the political changes that have secured LGBTQ visibility.

Robin Becker, author of Tiger Heron


Avowed asks the critical question, “Is paper all that makes a marriage?” For the queer bride in a long-term relationship, the answer is as hard-won as the right to marry. Julie R. Enszer explores the bittersweet journey of a lesbian couple’s struggle through the happily ever after with an edgy and humorous perspective that dares to share deep truths about desire, sex, and love.

Rigoberto González, author of Unpeopled Eden