DNA Hymn by Annah Anti-Palindrome

DNA Hymn by Annah Anti-Palindrome

ISBN Complete: 978-1-943977-21-5
Title: DNA Hymn
Author: Annah Anti-Palindrome
Publication Date: 10/18/2016

DNA Hymn does not hesitate: this debut collection is the hard-swallowed keystone in a larger history that is as deeply painful as it is stunning, as much archive as it is mythology, & as entrenched in epigenetics as it is in etymology. Each poem insists on our attention, on our surrender-& we would be fools to turn away from such generosity. Few poets can play with language so deftly & still make us feel the weight of life or death in each word. Let this book saw you open & keep you from inheriting your own hurt. -Meg Day (Last Psalm at Sea Level)