Drowned: A Mermaid's Manifesto by Theresa Davis

Drowned: A Mermaid's Manifesto by Theresa Davis

Title: Drowned: A Mermaid's Manifesto
Author: Theresa Davis
ISBN: 978-1-943977-23-9
Publication Date: 9/15/2016

A 2017 "Book All Georgians Should Read" as selected by the Georgia Center for the Book

Theresa Davis's work revels in searching for the strength to be found in armor chinks. Every aspect of Drowned: A Mermaid's Manifesto bears the standard of a regiment at war with the interior, fighting battles with loss, depression, and the lover that will not recede, battles you are not certain she will win. Sometimes you lose in Davis's world. Always you must understand why you lost. With her life and words Davis has filled the belly of the world, kissed its lips, been crushed in its undertow... all in her effortless tongue. Theresa Davis the Poet recorded these expeditions with her eyes open, always searching for answers. Theresa Davis the Knowing, the Hopeful, the Person, the Loving has come out of the other side with a testimony worthy of any church worshiping any religion that truly knows what it means to be alive. - Scott Woods, author of Urban Contemporary History Month & We Over Here Now