Skin Shift by Matthew Hittinger

Skin Shift by Matthew Hittinger

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Skin Shift by Matthew Hittinger
ISBN: 978-1937420-14-7
Publication Date: 06/01/2012
A Beautiful 8 x 10 Perfect-Bound
114 Pages
Featuring Cover Art by Michael DiMotta

Matthew Hittinger's Skin Shift assembles a metamorphosis taxonomy in poems that spider spin, that nimbus twirl into Wonder Woman and leap with the Aboriginal kangaroo woman, that escape from a sub-trunk with Houdini and seduce like the Amazon's pink river dolphin man. Traditional forms morph into experimental narratives, lyrics and dramatic monologues that present an invitation to slip inside the skins of others and to experience the mythologies that resonate in modern times.Says Mary Biddinger, author of Saint Monica and Prairie Fever, "Matthew Hittinger's poems have all the cool of an exquisitely-chiseled statue, but the blood that charges through their veins is pure hot glory."