Sonics in Warholia by Megan Volpert

Sonics in Warholia by Megan Volpert

ISBN: 978-1-937420-04-8; 62 pages
Publication Date: December 6, 2011

Speaking directly to the pop icon's ghost, Megan Volpert dives into a completely charted yet utterly unknown ocean that is Andy Warhol. The resulting collection of love letters and hate mail audaciously perforates the scene of the usual cultural suspects with icy shrapnel in a terrifying mirror game. This is not a biography, but a book that reflects Andy--detects him, the Andy who deflects.

Working into territory that channels the essay as its more radical practitioners imagine, Megan revives the prose poem and rethinks herself. As the idea of a "real" Andy begins to decay, the author learns to invent him and discovers herself everywhere. Remaking this mythic man in the image of her own baggage, Megan gives us her most personal writing to date and a striking truth: everybody becomes Andy.