We Go Seasonal by Robert Siek

We Go Seasonal by Robert Siek

Title: We Go Seasonal
Author: Robert Siek
ISBN: 978-1-943977-51-2
Publication Date: 09/04/2018
Retail Price: $18.00
5.83 x 8.27” Paperback; 116 Pages
Distributed by Ingram and Sibling Rivalry Press
Author is available for appearances and interviews
Publisher Contact: [email protected]

“On the brink/cusp of a midlife crisis, Robert Siek turns to poetry as pagan ritual in order to find solace in the recurrent passing of the seasons. And as the parable goes, the struggle to remake what’s old into something new is akin to a dog making a meal out of its own vomit. So much for sainthood and all its illusory promises, vertical transcendence eschewed for the horizontal mundane, however lamented, embodied.” - Timothy Liu

Robert Siek is the author of the poetry collection Purpose and Devil Piss (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013) and the chapbook Clubbed Kid (New School University, 2002). His work has appeared in various publications, such as Bay Windows, Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, Painted Bride Quarterly, The Good Men Project, and other places through the years. He lives in Brooklyn and works at a large publishing house in Manhattan.