ALA Over the Rainbow Title! The Café of Our Departure by Priscilla Atkins

ALA Over the Rainbow Title! The Café of Our Departure by Priscilla Atkins

Included on the American Library Association's OVER THE RAINBOW list of recommended LGBT reading for 2016!

ISBN: 978-1-937420-87-1
Title: The Café of Our Departure
Author: Priscilla Atkins
Publication Date: 3/12/2015
84 pages

This collection of lyric poems is a fugue of friendship: a straight girl and a gay boy coming of age in early 1970s America. Interwoven with a lifetime of intimacies shared, the narrative tracks a second life of grief, when a soul-mate dies. There is a sense of private humor perfectly matched, and a sense of every thing holy.

"As we work on this book together, Priscilla writes: “My tendency in life is to love what has been and look forward to what is to come . . . though I have felt some frustration that I didn’t meet certain writers—like James Schuyler, Lydia Davis—while Mike was still alive, because reading them together would have been another big-time Mike-and-Priscilla happiness.” And so this is what I picture: Mike, alive, still the handsome man with the boyish smile, and with him, Priscilla, his partner-in-criminal-laughter, the two reclined on a poufy, over-sized bed sharing tales of the moment. A bottle of Champagne, books, lines from plays, everyday happenings. No cancer. No absence. Two friends––a straight woman and a gay man––in thrall with pangs of perfect, twinned recognition. The Café of Our Departure traffics in love, grief, a death-defying legerdemain: we get to listen." - Bryan Borland, Publisher of Sibling Rivalry Press